Who Are We? We Dem Boyz!!!

Welcome to the Zone… the G-Zone!!!  This page will provide everything you need to know about the Madison Generals football team.  Below you will find information about the team so that you can become familiar with how we operate to give you a true G experience.  It’s time to get in the Zone… the G-Zone!!!


The Madison Generals is a Pro-Developmental football program located in Madison, AL and founded on principles to athletically impact and uplift the community.  The team is derived from our motto:  Impacting our youths and community one play at a time.  The purpose of our team is to use football as positive means to help develop and direct young men toward a successful future.  By delving into their athletic talent, we are able to directly uplift our community through the discipline that comes with the sport. The Madison Generals organization prides itself on the many community service projects we perform such as “Fun Day at the Vet Homes” and “Wounded Warrior Run”.  The Generals are also in conjunction with various high schools in the area serving as a platform for young men to transition to the next level in athletics.  Our impact program the Generals’ STARS (Strengthening Talents And Redirecting Students) make it possible for young men to continue to pursue their dreams.  We believe the value in giving back to the community and helping to continue to positively build is immeasurable.

Our team strives to be an excellent platform for those who aspire to move on to collegiate and other levels of athletics.  For that reason, the players receive no monetary compensation or impermissible benefits that would deem them ineligible or hinder the process of the NCAA Clearinghouse.  So if you are looking to go to the next level, looking for recreation to stay in shape, or simply aspire to play again for fun then the Redstone Generals is for you.




Annually, the Madison Generals participate in the Huntsville Flag Football League.  This is a great experience for our players to bond, get in shape, and compete among-est peers in a friendly environment.  If you are interested in joining the team and aspire to start getting in shape before the season begins or are simply looking for a flag team to play for, you can join our flag football team.  Games are played on Sunday evenings at either Stoner Field or the Richard Showers Recreation Center.



G’s Over All!!! & G.A.T.A


G-Force is the name of the Fan Club for the Madison and a game-day element for fans to rally behind to help ignite the Generals on the field.  The term G-Force refers to the electricity, excitement, and anticipation players and fans feel at Senator Stadium, the home stadium of the Madison Generals.  G-Force is the passionate, screaming fans that intimidate the competition and strive to make a difference on every play in every game.  Feel the Force… the G-Force!!!




Looking for lady’s to join our Lady Generals Dance Team they will perform to all genre of music.



Blue, White, & Gray with American Flag Theme



5 Stars


The Gridiron Development Football League( GDFL)